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Medicare's Discriminatory Podiatry Pay Cut

Be prepared to lose your podiatrist!

This proposed approach to reducing paperwork would have unintended consequences for Medicarebeneficiaries. To offset the reimbursement cut, some physicians may spend less time with their patients and limit each office visit to one or two problems forcing patients to return for a second additional visit to address additional medical issues. This will also reduce the quality of care, particularly for patients with complex medical conditions.

Deadline to complain is Sept 9, 2018.
The proposals to consolidate the billing codes for physician evaluation and management so as to pay the same amount for office visits, regardless of the complexity of the patient, would cut payments for visits that are currently reimbursed at higher levels than simple or routine office visits, penalizing doctors who treat sicker patients or patients with multiple conditions. For a podiatric physician/surgeon the reimbursement would be $16 for an established patient and about…

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