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STOP! Times up. At every juncture, where I have spoken my mind & been firm about a calculated business decision regarding staff or policy I have been judged or attacked on a physical & personal level. That's ugly. We have a problem. When women are crucified for violating the "lady-like" stereotype and viewed as less likable and less trustworthy, we have a big problem; and that stumbling block is being used to keep women in their place and off the corporate ladder.
I am equal. ----Dr. Jenneffer Pulapaka, DPM Here is a place to get local help.
Women Inspiring Change & Community Development (WICCD) is about the beauty, strength, and peace of collaborative efforts to secure Women's Rights. We support the ability to overcome the struggle for equal opportunities in the workplace and employee benefits, women's reproductive and fertility rights, the urgency to stop all forms of violence against women, and the enhancement of strong relationships.

WICCD helps withwo…

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