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Toenails grow 1mm a month, so it can take almost 1 year to recover from nail polish and acetone damage. “Most of the nasty chemicals have been removed from nail polish, so you can now wear it for longer periods of time without causing damage,” says nail expert Lynn Gray. “Nevertheless, you should still check it is free of formaldehyde (a preservative), toluene (a solvent), parabens (synthetic preservatives) and camphor (which gives a glossy finish and prevents chipping). Unless the polish is full of chemicals, it’s not the long-time use of nail varnish that can cause damage, but the acetone in polish remover. We recommend removing your polish at least every seven days with a non-acetone remover, as acetone can be very dehydrating to the nail plate, causing flaking and weakness.” When you are giving your nails a break, opt for a clear strengthening product to brighten and moisturise nails. Put cuticle oil on the nail plate and let it soak in, then wash. Using polishes with nourishing …

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